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Meet the Family


               Christopher Hartley
          Paul Cassevoy
           Michael Orsini -- Lisa Orsini (Bernard)
               Wesley Orsini
               Kenzie Orsini
           Daniel Orsini -- Rachel Orsini (Hoffman)
               Ryan Orsini
               Owen Orsini
               Avery Orsini

Brent George Hartley

Brent Hartley was born in Syracuse NY where Stephen and Karen were attending Syracuse University.  After Stephen's graduation, the family moved to Lima, NY and then Rush, NY.  Brent attended Rush-Henrietta Schools.  Steve and Karen divorced in 1973.  Karen moved herself and the kids within the Rochester, NY city limits.  Brent then attended East High School where he took courses in electronics, data processing and computer programming.  Brent also lettered in Swimming.

After high school, Brent met Elizabeth at the Rochester Salvation Army summer camp, Troutburg.  Brent was working as a Water Safety Instructor and managed the camp's pool and two lifeguards

Brent attended Monroe Community College and graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Computer Technology.  Brent and Elizabeth were married in 1986.  Brent and his family spend the summer holidays at Sparkhaven along with their son, Christopher.

The Programmer