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Meet the Family


               Christopher Hartley
          Paul Cassevoy
           Michael Orsini -- Lisa Orsini (Bernard)
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               Owen Orsini
               Avery Orsini

Elizabeth Dawn Hartley (Squirrell)

Elizabeth was born in Rochester NY.  Her parents moved from Ipswitch England to Rochester in 1962.  Liz is the only natural citizen in her maiden nuclear family.

Liz attended Irondequoit schools and graduated from Irondequoit High School.  She was working at the Rochester Salvation Army's camp Troutburg when she met her husband, Brent.

Elizabeth graduated from Monroe Community College with an Associates degree in accounting.  She then married Brent in 1986.

Elizabeth has worked at several companies.  She also founded and operated a pet sitting company called Precious Pet Watchers.  Unfortunately that work required that she stay at home to take care of client pets.  Clients would naturally want service during the summer holidays and Liz missed several visits to Sparkhaven during that time.

Liz graduated from St. John Fisher in Business Management in 2009.  Liz is currently the Treasurer for Monroe #1 BOCES.

Liz is spending a great amount of time with her dogs Mya (female Border Collie) and Fiona (female Sheltie) in agility training. Several ribbons have been won and efforts have gone on.  Videos can be seen at www.hartleywise.com.

Elizabeth and her family spend the summer holidays at Sparkhaven along with their son, Christopher.

The Treasurer