Where the land and the river meet....


Meet the Family


               Christopher Hartley
          Paul Cassevoy
           Michael Orsini -- Lisa Orsini (Bernard)
               Wesley Orsini
               Kenzie Orsini
           Daniel Orsini -- Rachel Orsini (Hoffman)
               Ryan Orsini
               Owen Orsini
               Avery Orsini

The Cottage

Our piece of the St. Lawrence river has been in the family since 1952 spanning four generations.  Originally named by the previous owner who  used it as a hideaway from his spouse. The  hideaway had the additional benefit of a girlfriend named 'Sparky' - hence the name.

Since then George & Wilma Hartley purchased the cottage in 1952.  The upper, black and white photo shows what was purchased.  It was used as a summer and school vacation retreat for the family.  The major activities were fishing, swimming & boating.  Also during that time additions and improvements were made; add a room here, push out a wall there, pour some concrete everywhere.

As their children (Steve and Elaine) grew to have families of their own, the dinner table became quite crowded, not to mention the bedrooms.

The lower, color pictures shows what Sparkhaven has become.  Various family members occupy the cottage at different times.  During the Fourth of July, we all try to get together to fish, swim, eat and catch-up. 

Then and Now