Where the land and the river meet....


Meet the Family


               Christopher Hartley
          Paul Cassevoy
           Michael Orsini -- Lisa Orsini (Bernard)
               Wesley Orsini
               Kenzie Orsini
           Daniel Orsini -- Rachel Orsini (Hoffman)
               Ryan Orsini
               Owen Orsini
               Avery Orsini

Christoper James Hartley

Christopher was born on February 6, 1992.  He attended the Rochester City Schools 28 and 46.

After the family moved to Pittsford, Chris has graduated from Pittsford Sutherland High School.

Chris played a few seasons of baseball with a league in the city.  He then switched to soccer in the Brighton Soccer League.  He has also played soccer for Sutherland.

Chris enjoys his time at Sparkhaven.  He likes to fish (although he is not so fond of eating them), swim and draw.   During the Fourth of July he also enjoys hanging with his cousins, Mike and Dan.

Chris has now learned to ski and is getting better all the time.

Chris's hobbies include electronic games, basketball, and photography.  He has probably taken what seems like 10,000 pictures by now.  Chris is working at Hoselton Chevrolet in East Rochester, NY and dreams of owning his own coffee shop some day.

Our High School Student