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John Joseph Orsini

John's arts are extensive. From coin & stamp collection, poetry writing, fishing, Boy Scouts of America and kids of his own and others.

John was born and raised in Amsterdam NY and graduated from the Wilbur H. Lynch High School. Afterword he received a bachelor's degree and did graduate work from S.U.C.O in Oneonta NY. In 1965 he started teaching English with one year at Cobleskill/Richmondville High School in Richmondville, NY and then one year at Cranesville School in Cranesville, NY. Afterword the Schenectady School District at Central Park benefited from his work and other events.

Elaine and John were married in 1967 with Stephen as an usher. Brent as the ring bearer. A standard story about the wedding is when nervous Brent came down the aisle with the rings. When Brent saw John he stated "I remember you!" Finally something the five-year old recognizes in this very strange area. John laughed had a hard time getting back to the service.

John was into stamp and coin collection, model trains, and crossword puzzles. He was also into the Boy Scouts of America and member of the Order of the Arrow. John was involved in many ways with the Scouts as Troop leader and beyond. John also did drawings and poetry.

John spent a lot of time raising his children, Mike and Dan. He loved Sparkhaven and the St. Lawrence in general. Seeing other family members, fishing, and other hobbies gave him great joy as well as others. The poem attached is one he wrote about Sparkhaven.

John retired in 2001 from the Schenectady School District spending more time with his children and grandchildren.

He developed Alzheimer’s disease and was no longer able to visit Sparkhaven. John eventually lived in a separate home. After a few years, he lost recognition of all his family and died shortly afterword in 2016.

The Multi-Art Man